How it Works

Once you buy a land or property from the community, an access code is given to you to register as a member of the community. Once registered, you begin to earn part of the commissions gotten from transactions made by subsequent members who register as your donwliner whether directly or indirectly. Earnings are gained from transactions done by your 1st to your 4th generation, however when a member of your 4th generation gets a downliner, you don’t gain from such transaction since it now becomes your 5th generation.

There are 3 ways in which you can get a downliner:

  • By direct referral made by you to another member. Such member must enter your referral code in the space provided during registration.
  • Where any of your downliner within the 1st and 3rd generation gets a downliner, such downliner also counts for you.
  • When the community assigns a downliner to you or any of your downliners within the 1st to the 3rd generation. Any time someone registers without a referral, such new member is placed under the last member to register in the site without a referral.

How are generations calculated?

The 1st set of people who register under you are your 1st generation. Generally members are limited to a maximum of 4 direct downliners and those are your 1st generation.

Your 2nd generation are those that register under your 1st generation downliners while your 3rd generation are those that register under your 2nd generation downliners and your 4th generation are those that register under your 3th generation downliners. The community shall pay you certain percentage from commissions gotten from transactions done by all members of these downliners.

How is the commission shared?

You get 50% of the commission gotten from the first transaction of all your direct referrals while the other 3 generations get 10% each and 20% is reserved for the community.

The Good news is that unlike the typical agents practice, at COMAP, earnings from commissions are not limited to the first transactions done by your downliners but members will continue to earn in all subsequent transactions done by your downliners within the community for life.